NB Tenact is a Custom Lamp Parts Exporter Worldwide

Ningbo Tenact Technology Co., Ltd. is the name that you choose for metal lamp parts. This is a place where you can find standardized production of aluminum lamp parts. For accessories of the street and industrial lamps, you will need NB Tenact from now on. Following international standards makes our supply go worldwide.

Why Choose NB Tenact for Wholesale Aluminum Lamp Parts?

You want the best quality, large quantity, and remarkable service from NB Tenact. We provide all these services to our customers. Buyers can get this advantage by reaching out to us.

Meeting Durability and Stability

The quality of the lamp accessories has the best grade at NB Tenact. You will find their resistance level against high temperatures. Environmental threats like corrosion will not be able to cause any damage to them. This durability makes our lamp accessories better in tough conditions.

Fast Production for International Supply

Using CNC machines and aluminum die-casting methods speeds up our production. We can supply lamp aluminium parts to the US, Europe, and other regions. This fast production contributes to on-time supply overseas.

Customization Service for All

You can avail of customized production of lamp accessories from NB Tenact. This is about manufacturing exactly what buyers demand. We use die-casting methods and CNC machines to give precise shape and size to lamp parts. We work on the wall, border, surface, cavity, and thickness level of lamp parts.

Broad Range of Lamp Accessories

You will find many types of lamp parts at NB Tenact because we have diversified production. It is about using various methods to meet customers’ demands. Then, you will be able to find any kind of part or accessory for industrial lamps.

Mega Production Facility

This is about supplying worldwide, and we keep the production size ample. Buyers will be able to receive a massive supply from us. NB Tenact is a massive lamp accessories supplier in the wholesale industry. You can place large orders for delivery anywhere in the world.

Strict Quality Assurance

Following international standards contributes to the production of high-quality lamp die casting parts. You will get the same standard of quality once you choose NB Tenact. We are aware of all the requirements and compliance for the best level of quality.

Platform for Simplified Quotations

Having information regarding prices is not a challenge anymore. NB Tenact shares all the mandatory information regarding the quotation of lamp parts and accessories.

Large Production, Low-Priced Supply​ of Lamp Parts

You will find the most reasonable rates of lamp aluminium parts at NB Tenact. We have large production alongside discounted prices for local and international buyers. This is an opportunity for buyers who wish to purchase lamp accessories at low prices. Since we maintain low-cost production, we offer wholesale rates to ball bulk buyers.

On-Time Tracking of Order

Our team keeps the customers informed throughout the purchase process. You will also get timely information regarding tracking of your orders.

Simplified Order Management System​

We are a manufacturer that has modern technology to manage bulk orders. We will simplify your order information for the best practices and on-time supply.

Options for Prototypes

If you are looking for OEM and ODM services, choose NB Tenact. We have a facility for prototypes in custom designs. That means you can place your order whenever you want.