NB Tenact is an A1 Supplier of Communication Equipment Accessories

Ningbo Tenact Technology Co., Ltd. supplies aluminum-made communication accessories to everyone. It includes different types of die-casting methods, which we follow here. You will find top quality and a large quantity of die-casting communication parts at NB Tenact. Likewise, we use aluminum and zinc in that process to bring a combination of strength and lightweight.

Why Choose NB Tenact for Zinc Communication Equipment Parts?

There are many benefits you can get once you choose NB Tenact. The most important one is longevity, which we offer through the finest metals. All of them contribute to the diversified communication parts of zinc and aluminum.

A Source of Bulk Production

You can reach NB Tenact for bulk orders of communication equipment accessories. We deal in bulk for wholesale supply worldwide. That will clarify the size of production we have in our factory. From general to specific accessories, we have a large supply volume in the industry

Stability and Durability of Communication Equipment

We work on every dynamic of production. Therefore, we keep stability in the die casting communication equipment parts. This stability allows them to survive in every condition. Pressure, temperature, and type of surrounding force will be bearable by them.

Fast Production, Global Supply

NB Tenact always deals in rapid production, which makes us a prime choice for buyers. You can get a timely supply wherever you are from. Our CNC machines and die-casting methods contribute to this mega supply through fast production.

Customization Service

This is where you can take better advantage of NB Tenact. Our aluminum die casting accessories are available in custom shapes, designs, and sizes. That will make way for those who want customized accessories for communication equipment.

Broad Variety

What we have here is an extensive range, which can be enough for buyers. Every type of shape, size, and design is manufactured at NB Tenact. This is the reason why we have a variety of communication equipment accessories.

Large Production Facility

If someone is willing to have zinc and aluminum die-casting accessories, we have an enormous size of production. It will cover everything a buyer wants. Likewise, if someone wants to place the order in large volume, we welcome that buyer.

Top-Level Quality Maintenance

Ensuring quality standards is the utmost target of NB Tenact. We manufacture telecom communication housing parts at low cost and high standards. This protects the internal components of the communication equipment.

Simple Quotation Mode

Get a simple model of quotation at NB Tenact for bulk purchase of die-casting parts of communication equipment. We do that for the convenience of customers who want to know about wholesale prices of bulk production.

Offering Bulk Supplies​

We deal in bulk supply of die casting communication equipment parts worldwide. You can get the lowest rates possible by purchasing in large quantities from NB Tenact. We have low-cost production for the sake of a discounted price for you.

On-time Order Tracking

Buyers can get timely information regarding the shipment after they place their order. We keep our customers informed throughout the process.

Agile Order Management System​

Connect with NB Tenact for timely order management service. We respond to our customers in a timely manner during the order management process. 

Facility for the Production of Prototypes

If someone wants to place an order for telecommunication accessories regarding prototypes, we are here for that. Since we have OEM and ODM services, you can ask for prototype service at NB Tenact.